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HS510001【助長生髪精華素 | Hair Growth Serum】Qivaro Hair Serum


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SKU: HS510001 助長生髪精華素 By Qivaro

脫髮的程度和速度取決於對DHT的遺傳敏感性。男人雄激素性脫髮通常有較高水準的5a還 原醃受體,導致高水准的DHT。助長生髮精華素是為了在脫髮的根源上工作,努力防止DHT 的化學生成及處理禿頭引起的炎症。

為了達到這個目的,我們從紅三葉草花提取一種天然有 效的5a-還原醇工型抑制劑&I―類活動。通過抑制身體化學受體與5a還原醃,從而仔鄴氏睪Ij進 入DHT。它也調節炎症和抗氧化作用,限制對皮膚和頭皮的自由基損傷。

為了防止頭髮脫落,保持健康的頭皮,我們還使用乙醱四肚-3仿生肱刺激細胞外基質加強頭 髮錨定的蛋白質。這有助於頭髮紮根時間更長,同時增大毛囊的體積。 在短短的四個月內。你不必經歷手術或其他極端長度恢復你的頭髮。簡單地用這些方便和自 然的解決方案,以恢復年輕的外觀。









適用於臉部(鬍鬚區)。 剃須或脫毛治療後的身體或腿部。 男女均適用。


水(水)。 紅花種子油。 乳化蠟NF, 環戊矽氧烷。 二甲矽油。 巴巴多斯蘆薈葉提取物。 月桂基異喹啉溴化物。 假單胞菌發酵提取物聚季銨鹽-37, EDTA二鈉。 尿囊素,葡萄糖,辛基乙二醇,異丙醇。 苯氧基乙醇乙基己基甘油。 山梨酸鉀,苯甲酸鈉。

SKU: HS510001 Hair Growth Serum By Qivaro

The degree and speed of hair loss depends on the genetic sensitivity to DHT. Men with androgenetic alopecia usually have a higher level of 5a reduction receptors, leading to higher levels of DHT. The hair growth essence is to work on the root cause of hair loss, try to prevent the chemical production of DHT and treat the inflammation caused by baldness.

In order to achieve this goal, we extracted a natural and effective 5a-reductive alcohol type inhibitor & class I activity from red clover flowers. By inhibiting the body's chemical receptors and 5a reduction, the young men's testicles Ij enter DHT. It also regulates inflammation and antioxidant effects, and limits free radical damage to the skin and scalp. In order to prevent hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp, we also use the Bionic Brachio to stimulate the extracellular matrix to strengthen the hair anchoring protein.

This helps the hair to take root longer, while increasing the volume of the hair follicles. In just four months. You don't have to go through surgery or other extreme lengths to restore your hair. Simply use these convenient and natural solutions to restore your youthful appearance.

Benefits :

Reduce inflammation and hair pressure
Enhanced extracellular matrix protein
Adjust the hair cycle to increase the growth period

Daily application: 

Morning & Evening or as often as needed


Apply to face (beard area). Body or legs after shaving or depilatory treatments. Suitable for both men and women.


Aqua (water). Carthamus tinctorius seed oil. Emulsifying wax NF. Cyclopentasiloxane. Dimethicone. Barbados aloe leaf extract. Lauryl isoquinlinium bromide. Pseudoal Teromonas Ferment Extract Polyquaternium-37. Disodium EDTA. Allantoin, Glucose, Caprylyl Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol. Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin. Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bezoate.